Jessi’s Best Photos of 2013

I’ve been living in Iceland for over a year now, since August 2012. Prior to that, I never spent more than 7 months in any given place in the last five years, so 2013 was the first year since 2007 that I spent entirely in one place (well, minus a few trips, of course!). My husband (an Icelander) and I own a home, and you know, it’s kind of nice to have a base for explorations and to be able to come home and re-pack in between! So, here’s a year in Iceland in photographs. To see the pictures as a slideshow, click the image above. You’ll also find thumbnails below.

Iceland is famous for its spectacular scenery. It’s a photographer’s paradise. Did you know it’s also got so many gorgeous waterfalls that after a while even I don’t feel the need to stop and take a picture of every last one? And I’m something of a waterfall connoisseur, if you didn’t know. These days I only stop for the best, and there are some spectacular ones, let me tell you. Iceland also has a huge population of migratory seabirds (puffins, anyone?) who spend the summer here, nesting on cliff faces and tops, flying down to the sea to fish. It’s also got some fantastic scuba diving, most famously Silfra, the freshwater dive site between the tectonic plates, consistently rated as one of the best dives in the world. But in the sea it’s also got geothermal vents, bizarre-looking fish, and lots of macro life.

But one of my absolute favorite places in this stunning country is the glacier lagoon, Jökulsárlón, where chunks of Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe, break off and float as icebergs in the lagoon before drifting slowly out to sea to be sculpted by the waves and the volcanic sand into fanciful shapes.

Another of my favorite places in Iceland is lake Mývatn. Sadly, the name translates at the Fly Lake, but this place is so much more than its name. Pseudocraters around the lake were created when a volcanic eruption spilled molten lava out over the marshland. The steam formed bubbles, which subsequently popped, leaving behind the pseudocraters. The lake itself is home to a variety of bird life and some lovely hiking trails.

Both of these were places that we visited on our “round trip” around Iceland, which we did over a week in the summer when my brother M was visiting, camping along the way. Over half these pictures are from that trip. We also traveled in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and the only reason there is only one picture from that trip in this group is because I haven’t had time to sort through them all yet!

So, enjoy looking back at my highlights of 2013. Here’s to 2014—may it be even better!


Winter Sunset at the Edge of the Continents Vindbelgjarfjall Unknown waterfall, Iceland Unknown waterfall, Iceland Hiker in the Valley of Thor The River Gorge at Hafragilsfoss, Iceland Sólfar, the Sun Voyager, Rekjavík, Iceland Sólfar, the Sun Voyager, Rekjavík, Iceland Silfra - Between Two Continents Scandinavian Pain Rainbow in the Frozen Falls Puffin Ready for Takeoff Puffin and Flowers, Iceland Picasso Fish, Camouflage Stop and Smell the Flowers A Mother's Love Lunar Landscape Looking at You Iceberg Reflections Jokulsarlon-73 Jokulsarlon-89 Hvitserkur Hikers on Solheim Glacier Harpa Godafoss, Waterfall of the Gods Giant's Causeway Waves Christmas Snow on the Lava Fields The Great Dynjandi The Great Dynjandi 2 Contemplating the Icebergs, Jökulsárlón, Iceland Cabin at the edge of the mountain Diver Between The Continents Blazing Trees

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